Support the Foundry:

There are many ways you can support the foundry, the most important is
simply participate and be part of what we are doing.
Take a class, teach, volunteer, or simply keep us in your prayers.

If you chose to sponsor or donate financially to the Foundry we want to
try to make it as simple as possible. If you have any questions about
giving to the Foundry feel free to call us: 812.858.3082

Special thank you to the following sponsors for their continued support!

Living Word Christian Church


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We want to share your business’s support for the Foundry
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Levels of sponsorship:

Platinum Sponsorship:
$2500 & UP

  • Large logo / link on the Foundry website
  • Large logo on theatre & recital programs
  • Large logo on theater production cast member t-shirts
  • Single logo placement on pre-event video loop
  • Summer Camp Sponsor

Gold Sponsorship:
$1000 & UP

  • Medium logo / link on the Foundry website
  • Medium logo on theatre & recital programs
  • Medium logo on theatre production cast member t-shirts
  • Logo on pre-event video loop with other Gold sponsors

Silver Sponsorship:
$500 & UP

  • Small logo / link on the Foundry website
  • Small logo on theatre & recital programs
  • Small logo on theatre production cast member t-shirts
  • Small logo on slide show with other Silver sponsors pre-event video loop

Bronze Sponsorship:
$250 & UP

  • Sponsorship of ONE theatre production
  • Small logo on one chosen theatre production
  • cast member t-shirts
  • Small logo on one chosen theatre program
  • Small logo on slide show with other sponsors pre-event video loop

Love Sponsorship:
$100 & UP

  • Name listed in theatre program
  • Name listed on pre-event video loop

You can sign up for sponsorships online using our secure website, or call us at 812.858.3082


All donations are tax deductible!

The Foundry is a 501(c)(3) – nonprofit business.

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Non-Monetary Support:

Support through Prayer

We know that PRAYER is by far the most important action anyone can do in support of the Foundry’s ministry. Please join us in continued prayer in the following ways:

Leadership: Please pray that our board of directors and executive team clearly hear the voice of God related to leadership decisions and mission direction.

Staff and Mentors: Please pray that our staff and mentors will be continually renewed and be empowered to develop God honoring relationships with students that result in life transformation.

Students: Please pray that our students will be impacted by the teaching of God’s word and through their involvement at the Foundry they will gain a full understanding of the blessings that come from submitting their life to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Community: Please pray that our actions as artists can be used to have an impact for the Kingdom of Christ on our local community and around the world.

Support by Following & Sharing

Keep up with the latest news and help spread the word by signing up and following us on social media.

Support by Participating

Take a group class, sign up for lessons, sing in a choir, or be part of a band!

Support by Attending

Come to an event, and bring (or two) a friend along.

Support by Volunteering

There are many opportunities available for volunteer support within the Foundry. If you are interested in serving as a volunteer, please let us know: