Acrylic Painting – Elementary – Spring 2019 Term 2 – Wednesday – 4pm


Wednesday 4PM-5PM

2/13 – 2/20 – 2/27 – 3/6

(suggested ages 7-12)

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Wednesday 4PM-5PM

2/13 – 2/20 – 2/27 – 3/6

(suggested ages 7-12)

This 4 week class will allow your child to explore the art of Acrylic painting. Our mentor will teach your child the basic art foundations of how to create a beautiful acrylic painting.  Each week we will add more elements to the painting to create a take home masterpiece that any family would be proud to hang on their wall.  Please dress your child appropriately as acrylic paint will be used and could stain clothing.

The class experience at the Foundry is built around providing a place for students to exercise their creativity and express themselves through artistic activities. Of course high priority is placed on having fun, however, our curriculum is designed to provide real learning that encourages students to develop their skills as well foster an understanding of purpose and perspective that can serve to enhance their lives in more meaningful ways.

Our mentors (teachers) are specifically gifted in teaching, and understand artistic expression is about allowing students to create their own art, and not simply ‰painting by numbers. Projects focus on individuals following their own ideas artistically, while still providing instruction and advice on technique and skill advancement.

(age ranges are flexible – please feel free to inquire about your needs)

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