Center for the Arts

We know artists are special people wired to see the world through a unique perspective.

The Foundry Center for the Arts is a place where your unique perspective is welcomed, nurtured and given the opportunity to flourish. Through mentoring relationships, we learn to utilize our gifts and creative abilities to honor Jesus Christ, the One who first created us.

This is a place where you can be FOUND!

Participate in a movement...

We are passionate about learning and improving our skills as artists,
but we are just as much about having fun, and doing life together as a community of artists with a mission.

The Foundry Center for the Arts works with artists of all ages in various art forms with the singular focus:
Becoming what God has created us to be and accomplishing what God has commissioned us to do.

We assure you, finding the Creator’s plan for you is the most rewarding pursuit you will ever engage in,
and can change your life as well as those around you.


Group Learning

The Foundry’s group classes provide opportunities to learn from an experienced mentor in many varied art forms including: drawing, painting, ceramics, dance, theater, and music.

These classes are the perfect place to try something new and explore creative ability for the first time, or exercise / refine talents you are already passionate about.


One - on - One

To play music or sing skillfully, there is no substitute for one-on-one teaching from an experienced mentor.

The Foundry provides a wide range of talented and supportive mentors that are not only exceptionally gifted in their field of music, but are also fully committed to the development of a humble spirit and spiritual maturity of their students.


Shows and Happenings

We want our art to speak to people. That is why we have events where our works can be shared with people. Our events include recitals, art shows, concerts, and theater productions to name a few.



Helping our Neighbors

We are passionate about using our artistic giftings to serve those around us.

We recognize the unique ability of artistic expression to unite, educate and elevate our world when the art is driven by a message of Love and Hope.

Choirs & Bands

Group Music & Ensembles

Group music is a primary focus at the Foundry. People coming together to sing, and create music as an expression of worship can not only provide community for participants, but a vital tool to reach people with a message of Christ’s love and hope.   


The difference is clear

We teach, we educate, we lead, but what we are focused on is MENTORING. All our processes are relationship based. We offer support, guidance, role modeling, and communication with our students that goes far beyond education.

It is through these relationships based on artistic expression that we seek to foster positive impact in the world around us.

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Get Involved!

Your Support is Appreciated

The Foundry welcomes support in many ways. First and foremost we believe in your prayers for the success of our mission. Secondly, you can help by letting people know about who we are and what we do.

If you want to be more involved, there are many ways you can participate directly at the Foundry:


Artists of all ages are welcomed and unconditionally loved at the Foundry.  No matter where our students find themselves on their spiritual journey, we want them to know that our mentors support them and desire God’s very best for them.


We believe every student possesses God-given gifts by their Creator.  Our mentors tailor each experience to help students to foster, uncover and explore their creative potential.


At the Foundry, we are committed to instilling discipline in our students to achieve their highest potential. We want to remind our student that God deserves our very best!


Being ethically unyielding, we desire to model the highest level of integrity for our students.  We want all who come in contact with us to see and experience Christ through our words and deeds and inspire confidence and trust.